Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau
Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau

Das königliche Gatsby - Pfauenblau

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Sich begegnen Billie, der auf diesem eleganten Royal Gatsby Sofa nicht bequemer sein könnte. Sein luxuriöser, samtiger, plüschiger pfauenblauer Stoff wird das Juwel jedes Raumes sein. Die raffinierten, abgewinkelten und sich verjüngenden 7,6 cm langen Beine aus Echtholz heben das Gatsby Sofa für zugfreien Schlaf vom Boden ab. Durch die geschwungene Rückenlehne Sleep Comfort Contour fühlt sich Ihr Hund sicher und geschützt. Der Kissenbezug ist abnehmbar und waschbar.


  • Zugfrei - 7,6 cm Beine heben das Bett vom Boden ab, damit Ihr Haustier frei von Zugluft bleibt
  • Lagerung - Aufbewahrungstasche für Spielzeug und Knochen
  • Pflege - Abnehmbarer/waschbarer Kissenbezug
  • Sicheres Schlafdesign - Secure Sleep Design sorgt für ein beruhigendes Gefühl. Graben, kuscheln und sich sicher fühlen!
  • Kompfort - Superweiche Materialien und zusätzliche Polsterung im Kissen werden das Schlafen in einer Wolke süßer Träume nachbilden.
  • Empfohlener Schlafstil - Perfekt für Haustiere, die sich beim Schlafen gerne zusammenrollen.
  • Montage - 2 Minuten Beininstallation


  • Abmessungen (Sofa) - Bettgröße ist 66 cm B x 40,6 cm T x 31 cm H
  • Abmessungen (Kissen) - Kissen ist 43,2 cm x 30,5 cm Die Höhe vom Boden bis zur Oberseite des Kissens beträgt 20,3 cm


    • Draft free - 7.6 cm legs lift bed off floor, keeping your pet draft free
    • Storage - Storage pocket for toys and bones
    • Care - Removable/washable cushion cover
    • Secure Sleep Design - Secure Sleep Design provides peace of mind. Burrow, Snuggle and Feel Safe!
    • Comfort - Super soft materials and extra padding inside the cushion will replicate sleeping on a cloud of sweet dreams.
    • Recommended Sleeping Style - Perfect for pets who like to curl when they sleep.
    • Assembly - 2 minute Legs Installation
    • Primary Bed Material - Polyester
    • Pieces Included - 1 Sofa and 1 seat cushion
    • Primary Cover Material - Polyester
    • Removable Cover - Yes
    • Washable - Yes
    • Elevated - Yes
    • Product Care - Machine wash cushion cover, spot clean rest of bed

    • Dimensions (Sofa) - Bed size is 66 cm W x 40.6 cm D x 31 cm H

    • Dimensions (Cushion) - Cushion is 43.2 cm x 30.5 cm The height from the floor to the top of the cushion is 20.3 cm

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    Designed to match your Decor


    Removable/washable cushion cover. Easy to spot clean all other surfaces with a mild detergent.


    More scratch resistant

    The structure of the fabric is more resistant to scratching compared to traditional fabrics. The fabric is more resistant to snagging from pet claws.

    Easy maintenance

    As the surface of the fabric is smooth, you can wipe pet hairs off easily.

    Remove stains easily with water

    The design of the fabric means it acts as a stain release and makes cleaning easy with just water which is great for muddy paw prints and pet odours.

    Anti allergenic

    The Aquaclean Extreme technology within the fabric protects against bacteria, mites and viruses to keep your family and pets safer.

    Next Level of Pet Ownership

    PETS are always considered part of the family, but dog owners can now take this to the next level with dog sofas to match your own. 

    why do i need a pet sofa?

    No More Pet Hair, Scratches and Stains

    Our furry friends love to feel close to their humans, but sometimes this can have a detrimental effect on our sofas. Pet hair, scratches and stains all come with the territory of being the parent of a pet.

    Match Your Own

    These sofas are designed to look just like their human equivalents. Giving your pets their own space to relax and snooze, leaving your sofa predominantly unscathed and as a result making it last longer.

    Designer Sofas

    The pet sofa designs are so chic, that even the most house-proud homeowners would be glad to have their pet’s bed on display in their living spaces, rather than hidden away.

    wood frame

    furniture grade construction

    Hand Crafted for Quality & Precision



    ✔ 100% Satisfaction guarantee (30 Days) or your money back. Please contact us for return requests

    ✔ Highest quality material, that guarantees exceptional experience and comfort

    ✔ 100% Cruelty Free

    Manufacturer Warranty

    Recommended size
    Up to 5kg

    The Royal Gatsby fits pets up to 5kg (Small Breeds & Cats)

    this sofa is perfect for:

    curler dogs

    Stretcher dogs

    leaner dogs